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Simplify and expedite specimen reception and documentation

V-Tracker is an automatic tracking tool designed to enhance traceability and speed up the specimen sorting and processing steps in the specimen reception area. Rather than manually entering in the patient information, the system will scan the container 360° to automatically collect the information.

The system captures all of the information from the specimen container, including barcodes, QR codes and any additional notes on the container, consolidating it into a single image to ensure comprehensive documentation of each vial.

V-Tracker is a versatile system that allows labs to effectively manage and document a wide range of containers used for biopsies, small tissues, cytology, blood and urine samples. Larger containers, buckets or bags can be tracked via an external barcode reader.

V-Tracker has built in middleware (MileWATCH) for seamless integration to the LIMS.



  • Full traceability- Complete and fast documentation to enhance accuracy and reliability, reducing the risk of human error.
  • Time saving- V-Tracker will speed up the specimen reception and documentation stages, saving valuable operator time.
  • Streamlined workflow- Simplify the specimen sorting and processing steps, V-Tracker automatically scans the container to document all patient data.
  • High flexibility- V-Tracker can be used with a wide range of containers, including those used for biopsies, small tissue, cytology, blood and urine samples. Larger containers, buckets and bags can also be scanned using an external barcode reader.
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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

V-Tracker: how it works


Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-8365UE (6M Cache, up to 4.10 GHz)
Primary storage: SATA 256G SSD
Ram: DDR4 8GB
OS: Win 10 IoT 64bit
Connectivity: RJ45 (10/100/1000 Mpbs) x 2 HDMI: n.1
Power Supply: DC 12V
USB: n.4 USB 3.0


Camera resolution: 12.2 MP 4024 (H) × 3036 (V) Focus: Manual
Iris: Manual
White balancing: Automatic
Sensor type: CMOS
Sensor size: Type 1/1.7”

Power supply/voltage

Input 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
Output 24VDC, 60W MAX

Working temperature


Relative humidity

from 20% to approx. 80%, non-condensation

Relative humidity

from 20% to approx. 80%, non-condensation


Up to 2000m


With PC – (WxDxH) 52.3cm x 35.2cm x 61.0cm
Without PC – (WxDxH) 29.0cm x 32.5cm x 61.0cm

Total weight

With PC – 22kg
Without PC – 18kg


European directive CE

Sound pressure

> 70dB

Heat output

195 BTU/h max

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