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Key Product Features

  • Automated and controlled formalin dispensing based on specimen weight in the closed unit
  • Fixation and storage in sealed stand up vacuum bag
  • Reduction of formalin volumes and fumes due to lower formalin ration used
  • Complete control over specimen fixation ensuring an improvement in the quality of diagnostic tests and improving patient care
  • Full chain-of-custody and audit trail from the theatres to the laboratory
  • Improved storage and disposal of samples
  • Tracking the time and temperature during transfer
  • Fresh tissue available for  molecular testing and bio-banking

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

  • Less formalin: Reduction of volumes thanks to the possibility of decreasing the formalin/sample ratio. Lower disposal costs.
  • Safety: Full automation prevents exposure of laboratory personnel to formalin. The instrument is designed to pump formalin directly from commercially available containers.
  • Standardisation and Quality: Consistent injection of the correct volume of formalin according to the weight of the specimen to ensure optimised fixation and histological results.
  • Optimised Storage: Stand-up specimen pouches and optimal preservation. Archival storage in specimen bags reduces volume by up to 80%.

Vacuum bags

  • CE-IVD, double layered PA/PE suitable for transport, fixation and storage of samples
  • Vacuum conditions eliminate drying of tissue
  • Low temperature conditions inhibit enzymatic activity
  • Lack of air allows faster cooling
  • Real-life colours of specimens preserved
  • Same bag for transportation, pre-fixation and storage
  • Barcode identification of each bag to protect the system
  • Patient data tracking
  • Self-standing bags, no plastic buckets needed

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Intuitive touch screen user interface (resolution 800x400)
  • Thermal label printer providing individual barcoded bag labels for traceability
  • Integrated card reader for transport monitoring system
  • HEPA filter against biological hazards
  • 1D and 2D barcode reader for patient data input
  • Formalin filter kit to prevent exposure to from formalin fumes
  • Built-in vacuum pump up to 10 mBar
  • Front drawer for easy storage or reagent containers with space for up to 40L
  • Possibility to connect to two external reagents tanksrated card reader for transport monitoring system

Cover Closed (WxDxH):

Cover Open (WxDxH):


Power supply:

Power input:


Working temperature:

Relative humidity:

System of residual gas expulsion:

55 x 108 x 85cm

55 x 108 x 140cm

200kg (full tanks), 160kg (empty tanks)

Single phase, 230V~ 50/60Hz

1800Wpeak - 6145 BTU/h Max


15°C to 30°C

10% up to 80%

47÷50m³/h (27.5÷29.5cfm)

Operating Manual

Operating Manual

SealSAFE Operating Manual 



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