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  • Gold standard imaging solutions for diagnostic and forensic post-mortem
  • Capture images of whole bodies, body parts, and large organ systems
  • Improve the standardisation and documentation of pathology procedures
  • Automatic saving of images in connection with case ID number function in JPEG format in multiple locations
  • The most comprehensive panel of annotation tools
  • Detailed observation and/or documentation through 10x optical magnification
  • Elimination of vagueness in the description of shape, size and colours
  • Elimination of hand drawings or long description



macroview main
    • MacroVIEW DM can be positioned over the examining table to acquire images and detail of excised organs.
    • Point- of- care touch screen control terminal with user-friendly graphical interface
    • 9 megapixel high-resolution camera with video recording option
    • Images stored automatically under the case ID in up to three folders locally or over the network
    • JPEG images, MP3 audio and AVI video capturing
    • Automatic sizing (linear, areas and perimeter)
    • Automatic sequencing during block labelling
    • Additional digital zooming on saved images
    • Reporting capabilities with images built-in case database
    • Customisable area and fonts dimensions
    • Text insertion with pre-configured notes
    • In a teaching environment, by simply connecting the MacroVIEW DM to an LCD projector, the actual sequence of examination can be shown to a large audience.
    • Third-party software can be used to allow remote access




Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Complete unit

Dimensions (L x D x H):
61cm x 62cm x 175cm up to 240cm (with pole 200 cm)
Weight (complete with battery)
Power supply:
Working temperature:
Relative humidity:
230V~ 50/60Hz


15°C to 30°C

10% up to 80%

 Imaging unit with Camera


  • Camera with anti splash case with built-in LED-illuminator
  • 10 x optical zoom digital camera with automatic exposure and focus
  • Resolution up to 9 megapixels
  • Complete with 1+, 2+ and 4+ close up lenses
  • Built-in microphone
  • Display monitor  5.6" TFT/LCD
  • Hand control panel - camera holder with zoom, save image, audio and video recording, LED activation, live camera selection (if more than one camera is connected)
  • Automatic white balance

Point-of-care (POC) control terminal with touch screen

  • Touch screen control terminal with OS Windows 7 Ultimate,19" TFT 1280X1024
  • MacroVIEW DM proprietary license and software
  • Spill and dust resistant front panel IP 65
  • Processor Intel core i7 processor RAM: 4GB, hard disk: 500GB
  • Dimensions 47.5 x 41.5 x 10.2cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Power Supply: 230V~ 50/60Hz

Mobile support for imaging unit (cart)

  • Wheeled cart with battery for up to 8 hours of autonomous work
  • Spring arm with maximum extension of 140 cm and rotation lock
  • Adjustable pole (vertical) 175cm–200cm
  • Manipulator height adjustable from 80cm to 240cm (pole height 200cm)

 Waterproof IP68 keyboard

  • USB keyboard with Touchpad. Protection against water and dust IP68.


1D USB barcode reader barcode reader (includes holder)

Total body camera

  • 10x optical zoom digital camera with automatic exponsure and focus
  • Up to 9 megapixels resolution
  • Complete with 1x, 2x and 4x close-up lenses

waterproof control terminal

Area Coverage

 Zoom  Area width Area length
 0%  W ≈ ¾ h L ≈ h
 100%  W ≈ 0.01 h L ≈ 0.0075 h
Dimensions (diameter, height) chassis + connections + lens cover):
23.5cm and 30.5cm
Power supply:
Single phase, 100-240V~ 50/60Hz


  • Tracking and Archiving Management ™

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