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CutMATE Series

Key product features

  • CutMATE is a range of innovative forceps to assist the Pathologist, Pathologist assistant, Registrars and Researchers in taking the guessworks out of getting the right size thickness block
  • With CutMATE it is now possible to overcome the variability of tissue block thickness, that is heavily dependent on the type of tissue, its consistency and the grossing skills of the practitioner

Product Specifications

Product specifications

cutmate main
  • Eliminates the guesswork in cutting a specific thickness of wet tissue
  • Standardisation of tissue thickness, independent of operator skill level
  • Suitable for tissue preparation in both conventional and microwave processors
  • Serial wet tissue blocks taken in a simple step with the unique design
  • Improves confidence and productivity in grossing
  • Forcep prongs angled at 30° for ergonomic handling
  • Contact surface of prongs has a grooved texture for secure gripping
  • No more complaints about the tissue block being "too thick."

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


In-vitro medical device professional use only (European directive 98/79/EC)

Safety mark:


The Quality System Management is ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 certified.

Operating Manual

Operating Manual

CutMATE Operating Manual



CutMATE Brochure

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