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intelliPATH FLX™ Automated Slide Stainer

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  • Fully Flexible System
  • Convenience, productivity and ease of use
  • Simultaneous Multiplex IHC
  • Continuous random access

Product Overview

Product overview

  • The intelliPATH FLX™ automated slide stainer uses a suite of advanced technologies making it the intelligent choice for increased productivity and turnaround time. These advanced technologies include: continuous random access for workload demand, on-board mixing of chromogens and enzymes, prioritised STAT, positive ID for patient slides and reagents and LIS bi-directional interface compatabilities.
  • The intelliPATH FLX™ offers the ability to perform up to 5 simultaneous IHC runs; speed and flexibility are a key feature with on-board chromogen mixing capabilities; and the ability to dramatically reduce workload with simultaneous multiplex staining.

Fully Flexible System

Fully flexible system

The intelliPATH FLX™ is designed to maximize flexibility for both anatomical pathology and research laboratories enabling you to run any test, any time.  With the intelliPATH FLX™ you can run multiple protocols in the same batch; selecting from MenaPath's validated protocols or creating your own.

  • Fully flexible to meet your laboratory’s unique demands
  • Select from MenaPath's validated protocols or create your own
  • Flexibility to run IHC protocols on every slide

Convenience, Productivity & Ease Of Use

Convenience, productivity & ease of use

The intelliPATH FLX™ offers multiple technologies for added convenience and ease of use. The system provides on board preparation of heat labile chromogens and enzymes.  True ‘walk-away’ operation is enabled with pre-run notifications such as ‘add buffer’ and ‘empty waste’.  Incorporation of features such as the ‘no touch’ ultrasonic liquid level sensor speeds time-to-result.

2-D matrix labels can be printed for all reagents as well as patient slides, virtually eliminating manual data entry and reagent or patient identification errors.

The intelliPATH FLX™ is also capable of utilising a proprietary research software that provides an enhanced design tailored to address the specific needs of users within the translational research, drug discovery, veterinary pathology and other tissue-based areas.

  • No-touch, ultrasonic liquid level sensor for faster run times
  • Cold station supports on-board chromogen and reagent mixing for walk-away operation
  • Waste separation reduces hazardous waste disposal costs
  • The optional Reserach Software offers greater flexibility of the user interface to maximise efficiency and improve workflow in research labs

Simultaneous Multiplex IHC

Simultaneous multiplex IHC

The intelliPATH FLX™ is the only complete system capable of true simultaneous Multiplex IHC staining. Multiplex IHC with up to five antibodies may be performed on a single slide with MenaPath Multiplex IHC detection kits and antibody combinations. Multiplexing enables the lab to reduce slide workload and multiply the capacity of the intelliPATH FLX™ instrument.

  • Multiplex IHC has virtually the same turnaround time as a single stain
  • Conserves precious patient tissue
  • Reduces staff and reagent costs by ≥ 50%

Continuous Random Access

Continuous random access

The intelliPATH FLX™ allows you to schedule your IHC runs around the unique needs of your laboratory. By running up to 5 simultaneous and independent batches, you no longer have to wait until one batch completes to start running your next batch. Prioritised STAT samples can be added at any time, without disrupting runs that are in-progress.

  • On-demand slide processing adapts to your lab’s unique workload
  • A high volume batch analyser and STAT instrument in one

High Speed & Throughput

High speed & throughput

The intelliPATH FLX™ is designed for rapid turnaround time. Laboratories can complete up to three runs of 50 slides in a single 9-hour shift. With Multiplex IHC, intelliPATH FLX™ can deliver up to 450 IHC tests per day.

Increased slide capacity means a reduced number of IHC instruments in your laboratory. Thus, you spend less time performing validation and maintenance of multiple instruments.
Decreased time-to-result is achieved through use of technologies such as simultaneous X-Y motion and a 10 slide capacity reagent syringe.

  • Intelligent scheduling software optimises time-to-result
  • Prioritised STAT slide processing for IHC results in just over 60 min
  • 150 slides  – up to 450 results with Multiplex IHC per day

Connect & Manage

Connect & manage

Manage, communicate, and organise your data intelligently with the intelliPATH FLX™. You may control up to four intelliPATH FLX™ instruments from one computer. The report generation module creates multiple reports on all runs and tracks reagent usage and tests performed by month, quarter and year. The software architecture allows sharing of all protocols and case lists between intelliPATH FLX™ instruments.

Uni- or bi-directional LIS interfaces are compatible with XML and HL-7 messaging standards. LIS interface technology saves hours of hands-on-time spent entering patient and test information.

  • Link up to four instruments to one computer
  • Tracks reagent lot numbers, expiration dates and remaining reagent volume
  • LIS interface compatibility with HL-7 and XML messaging standards

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications

Slide Capacity 50
Daily Slide Capacity 150 slides/9 hour shift
Independent Trays 5 trays, 10 slides per tray
Reagent Vial Capacity 48 (20ml vials)
Mixing Vial Capacity 18
Cold Spot Capacity 2 (6ml vials)
Readent Dispensing Range Delivers 100µl to 600µl
Buffer Inlets 3
Waste Seperation Separated hazerdous and non-hazerdous
LIS Compatible with HL-7 and XML messaging standards
Weight 145lbs, 66kg
Electrical Requirements 900W; 115V/230V
Dimensions (W x H x D) Benchtop;40" X 24" X 25", 102cm X 61cm X 64cm

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