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Key product features

  • Complete Cellular Pathology Lab System
  • Manages all processes and patient records
  • Interfaces to Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • Conforms to HL7 data transfer standard

Product Specifications

Product specifications

  • MyKey is a unique software solution which has been designed by pathologists specifically for the modern cellular pathology laboratory. It can be used as a standalone laboratory information management system providing complete control of all of your patient and laboratory data.

MyKey Advantages

MyKey Advantages



Specimen Tracking

Full tissue location monitoring and traceability from surgery all the way through to cellular pathology, tissue bank and mortuary.
Operator accountability at every stage
Who / What / Where / When logged for each tissue sample
Robust, accurate traceability of all specimens, at all times
Full chain of custody
Improved risk management
Improved turnaround time


Workflow information provided across all areas
Improved resource allocation

Quality control

Manage non-conformities

Broad Application

Tissue banking
Routine histology

Interfacing to other hospital/university systems

No duplication of data
Reduces transcription errors
Improves workflow

Open system - scalable, flexible, modular system

Unlimited logging points so the  system can be scaled on a local or wide area network

Expert system (bibliography, publications, reference information)

Diagnosis support
Legacy of expertise
Personalised pathologist’s database and memory of cases

Web based software

Cross departmental working e.g. surgery to cellular pathology
Cross site hospitals e.g. mergers and consolidation

Data Management

Full storage and backup locally or off-site as required

Controlled fixation and vacuum transfer systems

Delivers fresh or formalin fixed  tissue to the lab
Minimizes tissue degradation
Fully automated standardized documented fixation of tissue specimens

Tissue temperature control systems

Transfer of tissue specimens with date, temperature and time logging at 2-40C

Macro Digital Imaging

Annotation of  images of gross specimens, include automatic sizing, block locations, text
Quickly capture voice notes and video clips
Digital images of consent forms, material transfer agreements

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