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HistoDream M

Ergonomic and safe semiautomated rotary microtome pic for website

  • User friendly, safe and precise semiautomated unit
  • Provides high quality sections for all type of specimens
  • A smooth and ergonomic hand wheel to minimise users' fatigue



  • Safety: blade holder with finger guard, magnetic tool for pic for website 2insertion/extraction of blades and a memory distance for the blade
  • Ergonomics: ergonomic design, smooth and ergonomic hand wheel to minimise fatigue, arm rest, built in comfortable touch screen position for all operators 
  • Ease of use: user friendly icon driven touch screen interface, large flat unit to keep tools and slides, easy selection of cutting parameters 
  • Productivity: a spacious antistatic waste tray, a speciment clamp that prevents the build up of dirt, a memory key to retrieve previous settings and an auto-blade reaction to extend blade life
  • Reliability: roburt stainless steel structure which is built to last, an anti-vibration effect and a solid base
  • Flexibility: motorised specimen feed (continuous and step), three types of clamps (quick release, standard and supermega), blader holder for both low and high grade blades (vertical movement) and specimen orientating head for moement in X/Y and Z direction.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications

HistoDream M: Microtome with knife carrier (high and low profile blades, lateral adjustment) and quick release clamp

Section thickness: total range 0.5- 100 µm. 

Thickness settings:

0.5-5 µm in increments of 0.5 µm

5-20 µm in increments of 1 µm

20-60 µm in increments of 5 µm

60-100 µm increments of 10 µm


Trimming: total range 1- 600 µm

Thickness settings:

1-10 µm in increments of 1 µm

10-20 µm in increments of 2 µm

20-50 µm in increments of 5 µm

50-100 µm increments of 10 µm

100-600 µm increments of 50 µm


  • Specimen feed: 28±1mm
  • Vertical stroke: 72±1mm for sectioning of mega blocks
  • Operating modes: rotational or rocking (selectable)
  • Specimen retraction: selectable between 5-250μ, default value 40μ, optional and can be deactivated
  • Motorised coarse feed µm/s: 300 (slow speed forward), 800 (fast speed forward), 1800 (super fast speed backwards)
  • Additional function for forward/backward feed in step mode
  • Blade holder type: two in one for high and low profile blades
  • Maximum specimen size with standard clamp: 55 x50 mm
  • Maximum specimen size with macro specimen clamp: 68 x50 mm
  • Specimen orientation: ± 8⁰ horizontal and vertical
  • Rotational capability: 360⁰
  • Indication of 0 position by means of click (x and y)


Optional parts:


Fixed specimen head

Orientating specimen head


Standard specimen clamp 55x50mm

Clamp for super mega blocks

Universal specimen clamp (quick release)

Knife holders:

Sliding blade holder for disposable blades

Fixed blade holder for disposable blades


Blade extractor

Power supply input:

230V 50Hz


Width (incl. hand wheel and handle) - 46.5cm

Width (excl. hand wheel) - 39.0cm

Depth (incl. waste tray) - 54.0cm

Depth (excl. waste tray) - 44.5cm 

Height - 29.8cm

Total weight:




Sound pressure:


Working temperature:

10 to 35 degrees Celsius

Relative humidity:

Max. 80%, non condensation

Maximum altitude: 

Up to 2000m


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