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Key product features

  • A revolutionary method to embed specimens onboard your tissue processor
  • A variety of tissue types and dimensions can be processed and embedded with this method
  • Up to 45 blocks can be processed and embedded in as little as 95 minutes

Product Specifications

Product specifications

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  • Improves patient safety and reduces risk of specimen loss due to reduced specimen handling
  • Improves laboratory workflow and TAT as specimens go straight from the processor to the cold plate
  • Small biopsy specimens can be received already in cassettes further reducing specimen handling – from patient to the cold plate
  • Fewer instruments required, reduced system cleaning, reduced maintenance & associated costs as processing and embedding takes place on a single instrument
  • Fits in with current practice as no changes in dissection are required
  • Quality results are visible as tissue positioning is maintained
  • Standardisation of the amount of paraffin in each block





Synergy Brochure

Operating Manual

Operating Manual

Synergy Operating Manual

Product Enquiries

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