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  • Advanced system for fixation and decalcification of bone tissue
  • Provides accurate, reliable diagnostic results for morphology, IHC and molecular studies.


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  • The BoneSTATION consists of two platforms complete with glass modules for fixation/ decalcification
  • The front platform features a heating plate with infrared sensors for automatic temperature control up to 50°C and magnetic stirring
  • The BoneSTATION station can be used with ANY type of fixative/decalcification solution, even with strong mineral acids, as all contact surfaces are either glass or PTFE polymer
  • The magnetic stirrer assures homogeneity of temperature throughout the solution
  • The PTFE cover condenses vapours, generating a reflux of the reagent for consistent and safe protocols at constant pH
  • A touch-screen terminal allows the user to optimise, standardise and fully document all the processes



Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Power supply input:

230V~ 50/60Hz – 340W

Working temperature:

15°C–30°C (59°F–86°F)

Humidity (relative):

Up to 80%

Maximum altitude:



Width: 340mm (13"), Height: 410mm (16"), Depth: 495mm (19")

Total weight:

18Kg – 40lb

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