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USE 33

  • The only ultrasonic instrument for decalcification
  • Save up to 75% on decalcification time
  • Ideal preservation of the morphology and antigenicity




  • The unique technology of the USE 33 offers the rapid destruction of crystalline structures like calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate and calcium carbonate
  • In combination with adequate solutions it provides maximum cell tissue preservation
  • All diffusion processes are significantly accelerated by the USE 33, this improves decalcification time
  • Cooling the tissue samples to +17 °C prevents the specimens from being heated by the chemical reaction with the decalcification solution. This guarantees preservation of the morphological structures and the antigenicity of the samples




No. of sample containers

Sample container size

Volume container/sample

No. 1


Ø = 93mm
Height = 110mm

Container volume: 800ml
Recommended sample size: up to 250cc

No. 2


Ø = 51mm
Height = 85mm

Container volume: 150ml
Recommended sample size: up to 30cc

No. 3


Ø = 51mm
Height = 85mm

Container volume: 20ml
Recommended sample size: up to 5cc


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Process timer:

Adjustable from 1 min. to 100 hours

Week program timer:

By the programmable timer, three individual programs per day can be stored


- 200W ultrasonic power
- 200W refrigerating power

Bath volume:

13.5l carrier fluid

Total dimensions (W/D/H):

450 x 600 x 350mm

Temperature control:

Electronic controller with digital display

Temperature range:

+ 16°C to 28°C



Power supply:

115/230V / 50/60Hz / 400VA

Operator manual

Product Enquiries

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