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Heartlands Hospital Going Formalin Free for 100K Specimens

West Midlands Genomic Medicine Centre have published an article about their success with the TissueSAFE in the 100K genome project which will soon become the National Genomic Medicine Service. They are using the TissueSAFE Plus to vacuum seal their specimens reducing the use of formalin.

Images TissueSAFE plus 14

Vacuum sealing has gone live at Heartlands Hospital, part of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, the lead organisation for the West Midlands Genomic Medicine Centre.It includes positive feedback from Dominic Hassett, Clinical Educator for Theatres at Heartlands about our vacuum sealing solution and the future of going formalin free across all the other West Midlands sites. Follow the link to read the article and see how well the TissueSAFE has worked for them.

The TissueSAFE Plus is a specimen vacuum sealing solution which minimises exposure of formalin and improves safety for patients, theatre personnel, porters and delivery drivers. With the TissueSAFE solution you can track time and temperature during transfer, deliver fresh tissue to the laboratory to allow molecular testing and bio-banking. It allows for controlled and standardised fixation allowing greater quality for downstream processing as well as a full chain of custody and audit trail from theatres to laboratory.

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