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Key product features

  • Fully automated processor and slide stainer for high quality frozen sections
  • Fast turnaround of 4 minutes for 6 slides
  • Quality standardised staining results

Product Specifications

Product specifications

  • Improved morphology with high quality, consistent staining results independent of operator skill.  PRESTO is an innovative benchtop processor and stainer for high quality frozen sections. It features a standardised approach to first processing the slide, with FineFIX followed by fully automated staining protocols.
  • Improved workflow and productivity as operator is free to carry out other tasks
  • Flexible system that allows the operator to set and modify protocols according to specific requirements and reagents
  • USB port enables both updating of software and downloading of event logs for full documentation
  • Built in exhaust system for improved laboratory staff safety


PRESTO Brochure

Operating Manual

Operating Manual

Presto Operating Manual

Product Enquiries

product enquiriesContact our product sales team today

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