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Key product features

  • Diagnostic post mortem
  • Forensic post mortem
  • Veterinary labs for necropsy of animals
  • DVI (Disaster Victim Identification)

Product Overview

Product overview

macroview main
  • The MacroView DM builds on over 15 years of digital imaging experience by dramatically improving the standardization and documentation of pathology procedures.
  • Capture images of whole bodies, body parts, and large organ systems.
  • Add visual or audio annotations to the images and also record video to create a more descriptive record of the autopsy, necropsy, or forensic case.



  • See, capture and store images for areas of interest
  • Reduce turnaround time and cost
  • Eliminate extensive audio tape descriptions for future transcription and rechecking for errors
  • Eliminate both traditional 35mm film photography and manual digital photography
  • Edit images with annotation in the convenience of the pathologists office
  • Library of images are readily available to the law enforcement officer at the end of autopsy, via USB ports
  • Automatic storage of images in connection with case ID number
  • Powerful automatic sizing features integrated with imaging system



  • Organ examination: MacroVIEW DM can be positioned over the examining table to acquire images and detail of excised organs.
  • Teaching/training: In a teaching environment, by simply connecting the MacroVIEW DM to an LCD projector, the actual sequence of examination can be shown to a large audience.

Technical Data

Technical data

Type of instrument:

Macro digital imaging for advanced anatomical and forensic investigations


MacroVIEW DMobile    REF PN 372300


In vitro medical device professional use only (European directive 98/79/EC)

Safety mark:


The Quality System Management of Milestone s.r.l. is ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 certified.

MacroVIEW DM is extremely versatile: acquires images (format JPG), video (AVI), audio recording (MP3), archives and saves notes for support and integration of the description of macro, considerably reduces the working times and permanence of the sample in the laboratory.

Automatic functions: auto-focus, auto-iris, white balance, store of annotations (such as: text added, trace the point of cutting of the specimen from organs, free-hand marks) over the image, automated measure of irregular lines, areas and perimeter.

MacroVIEW DMobile is provided with a coated, anti-dust and anti-splash camera.

Foot pedal, for free-hands control of the functions of the camera, Zoom IN/OUT, image saving and audio recording. Automated report generator, customable and modifiable (RTF-format by WordPad or Microsoft Word).

Through MILE-VIEWER Live-streaming in the world in real time without any upload, remote access to measuring and editing.

Technical characteristics:


  • Operating system Microsoft Windows XP Professional edition – English version, 17" TFT LCD Touch screen
  • Processor Intel core 2 Duo processor 1.66 GHz RAM: 2GB – Hard disk: 160GB or better 2xGigaLAN
  • Spill and dust resistant front panel IP 65 - NEMA 4 compliant Touch pen
  • 4x USB 2.0 ports
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 A/B/G/N Medical compliance3

Mobile support for imaging unit

  • Wheels cart
  • With battery up to 8 hours working
  • Spring arm Length 800mm + 600mm extension
  • Adjustable height


  • Antisplashing enclosure with connection for camera's holders
  • 10x optical zoom Digital Camera with auto iris and autofocus
  • Resolution: up to 9MPixels
  • Complete with 1x, 2x and 4x close up lenses
  • Built-in microphone
  • Built-in objective LED ring light for spot illumination Display Monitor - 5.6" - TFT/LCD
  • Hand Control Panel - Camera holder with zoom, save features and Audio-Video recording

USB Water proof (sealed) keyboard with Touchpad. Protection against water and dust IP68

ACCESSORY (not included, to be ordered apart)

  • USB Bar code reader (with holder)
  • MacroView D proprietary software and license including Digital imaging acquisition in JPG format, annotation capabilities (sizing, blocks sampling, free hand drawing), voice recording in MP3 format, possibility of zooming in images already saved for detailed examination.


610mm x 620mm x 1500 (up to 2200), 24”  x 25” x 59” (up to 87”) (WxDxH)


100kg (220lbs), complete of battery

Power supply:

Single phase, 100-240V~ 50/60Hz, power: 160W, Class I



Working temperature:

15°C to 30°C

Relative humidity:

From 10% to 80%


Downloads Available

MacroVIEW Brochure

Operating Manual

Operating Manual

MacroVIEW DM Operating Manual

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