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Advanced Solution for Advanced Pathology

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The importance of Molecular Morphology to achieve precise diagnoses and Patient’s stratification in oncology is constantly evolving. This has an impact on the anatomic pathology lab requiring broader, optimised and more standardised Molecular Morphology tests. Today the main challenge is to expand the standardisation achieved in immunohistochemistry, extending automation of more complex tests, while optimising workflow.

Advanced Solutions for Advanced Pathology

I’m Flexibility

Optimising the workload based on needs.

I’m Relief

Standardising the workflow through automation.

I’m Efficiency

Accelerating processes without shortcuts.

I’m Eco-friendly

Reducing waste impact and optimising the work space.

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  • Protocol flexibility slide by slide.
  • No more boundaries.
  • Different applications per single run (Immunocytochemistry tests.
  • FISH/CISH tests, Immunohistochemistry long/short protocols).

Standardising the workflow thanks to complete automation, from dewax to counterstain, allowing full walk-away capabilities ensuring an efficient use of reagents by the Plug-n-Play Radio Frequency Identification (PnP RFID) tracking system Sharing information by a multi platform network, connected to a Laboratory Interface Management System (LIMS).

Delivering same day diagnosis by performing enhanced FISH protocols in less than 5 hours providing clinicians with fast, reliable reports.

Reducing waste generation considerably with separate toxic waste being a ‘bench-system’ that optimises the work space thanks to its reduced dimensions.

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