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Key product features

  • Rapid, fully automated single retort and simulatneous dual retort
  • LOGOS One is highly adaptable to fit any workflow requirements
  • State of the art resistance heating
  • Provides accurate, reliable diagnostic results for morphology, IHC and ISH tests.

Product Specifications

Product specifications

  • Allows on demand processing for any type of tissue as cleaning cycles are not required in continuous mode
  • The Logos One has an advanced processing retort heating system that enables rapid protocols with only 1 step of ethanol and 1 step of isopropanol
  • Urgent samples and small biopsies, which can constitute 40-60% of the laboratory workload can be rapidly processed during the day.  The short processing time allows embedding, cutting and staining of specimens so that slides are available to the pathologist on the same day.  The remaining cassettes can be automatically processed during the night.
  • Process up to 300 cassettes using solvents directly from 5 litre commercial containers for a safer working environment
  • Intuitive user friendly software
  • Remote diagnostic support to reduce system downtime and increase laboratory efficiency


Accessories for LOGOS ONE

Product code


Product image

45997 Tank 5 liters capacity (Ref. P/N 70170) 45997
45998 Tank 5 liters capacity Xylene proof (Ref. P/N 70170F)  
46000 Rack for up to 24 Supermega Cassettes on 2 layers for Pathos Delta (Ref. P/N 66130) 46000
46967 High Volume Basket Rack for up to 300 standard cassettes (Ref. P/N 66175) 46967

Luminous tower (Ref. P/N 61540)

RED LIGHT BLINKING: a generic alarm is occurring, operator has to check the unit to solve the problem.

GREEN LIGHT ON: the program is over, operator can extract samples and start another cycle

46784 External exhaust fumes filter kit, including one spare filter (61550)  
45896 External exhaust FORMALIN fumes filter kit, including one spare filter (61550/F)  

Technical Data

Technical Data

Power supply input:

Single phase, 230V~ 50/60Hz, Power input: 2000W

Working temperature:

15°C – 30°C (59°F – 86°F)

Humidity (relative)

10% up to 80%

Maximum altitude:



WxDxH  700mm x 760mm x 1100mm

Fan air flow range:

54–58m3/h (cube meter per hour)

Total weight:


LOGOS ONE FULL (all reagents and tanks loaded) - 320kg


In-vitro medical device professional use only (European directive 98/79/EC)

System of residual gas expulsion:

58m³/h (34cfm)

Thermal dispersion (maximum)



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