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TES Valida

Key product features

  • Unique modular system for ergonomical working
  • Accommodates most commercially available tissue processor baskets in the thermal unit
  • Automatic start up of each module

Product Specifications


Product specifications

  • Accommodates almost every commercially available tissue processor into the enlarged lower basin to store samples in liquid paraffin
  • More than 100 paraffin blocks can be stored on the large stainless steel surface of the cooling unit
  • The dispenser unit has a large paraffin tank, a square cold spot and two connections for heated forceps
  • The thermal unit provides an upper chamber for paraffin moulds, with large capacity and easy access
  • All instrument functions of each module, including the automatic starting time, are individually programmable
  • Heat protective hand rest that provides comfortable embedding

Modules Available

Modules available

Product description

Product image

Dispenser Unit
Cooling Unit
Thermal Unit


Accessories for TES VALIDA

Product code

Product description

46-0088-01 Glass Magnifier, 4 Diopters for dispenser unit
11-8207-00 Foot Pedal
43-0015-00 eCep Forceps, 0.5mm tip size
43-0011-00 eCep Forceps, 1mm tip size
43-0012-00 eCep Forceps, 2mm tip size
43-0014-00 eCep Forceps, 4mm tip size


Technical Data

Technical data

Product name:

Paraffin tank capacity:

Square cold spot:

Dimensions (W x D x H):

Temp adjustable:


Power supply:


Cooling Unit     500 x 600 x 332mm -15°C to +15°C 30kg 115/230V /50/60Hz / 320VA  
Thermal Unit     360 x 600 x 345mm

Prewarming chamber: +30°C to +70°C

Warming tray: +30°C to +75°C

20kg 115/23 V /50Hz / 750VA  
Dispenser Unit 4.6L -5°C 360 x 600 x 345mm +30°C to + 70°C 25kg 115/230V /50/60Hz / 360VA

Connections for 2 forceps

Heating for 6 forceps

Product Enquiries

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